Find Out How a Superhero Plumber Can Keep You Protected From Unclean Water

When it comes to your family’s safety, you can’t be too careful. That’s why you need to rely on professionals here in Lehi, UT to deliver one of life’s essentials: clean water. Contaminated water can make you very sick or even threaten your life.

Plumbers are superheroes because your plumbing has a lot to do with protecting the cleanliness of your water as it travels from the source to your home. They are also superheroes because they aid in water conservation, battling against the water crisis that currently threatens the planet.

Plumbers Bring Safe Water for all

Have you given much thought to what your pipes are made of? If they date back a few decades, there is a possibility that they contain lead, which can leach into your water. That’s very dangerous, to say the least.

To fix this potential problem, have your pipes updated. PVC is durable and will prevent against corrosion and breakage. Copper is a good choice as well because of its germ resistant qualities. Another way that your plumbing can contaminate your water is through backflow.

If a pipe is under too much pressure, it can crack and backflow results, which means that water flows in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, this means that clean water crosses paths with dirty water. Get your pipes regularly inspected to avoid this.

Help With Conservation

Your plumber will jump start your conservation efforts by fixing your plumbing leaks as soon as you spot them. Some leaks are obvious (i.e., a leaky tap or running toilet), but others are harder to detect.

Be on the watch for pooling water, mold growth, an unexpected hike in your water bills, low water pressure, peeling paint or wallpaper and the sound of water rushing through walls, even when faucets are shut off.

You can make conservation efforts go further by being mindful of your water use. In the bathroom, use a bucket to collect water while the shower is heating up and use it to flush the toilet or water your plants. In the kitchen, fill a pitcher with cold water and store it in the fridge, rather than running the tap for a cold drink.

Health Problems You Might Face

Don’t underestimate what contaminated water might do to your family. How sick you get depends on what’s in the water, how long you’ve been drinking the water and the general state of your health.

There is a greater risk of illness (or even death) for the elderly, young children or people with compromised immune systems.