Your Guide to Using a Garbage Disposal

If there were a simple way to upgrade your home and make cooking and cleaning easier, would you go for it? By installing a garbage disposal, you can boost your kitchen experience while saving a pile of money. This device makes eliminating food waste painless while maintaining a healthy plumbing system, which means fewer service calls to a Lehi, UT plumber.

Daily tasks become a breeze after purchasing a disposal unit. Not sure how one of these machines can help your home life? We’re here to help you. Here’s a guide to the benefits of using a garbage disposal.

Better Dishwashing

“washingdishes”If you want a cleaner dishwashing experience after your meals, a garbage disposal can help. Leftover food scraps can be scraped off and flushed right away, which means you can soak pots, pans, dishes, and utensils in water free of major debris.

That means no more submerging your hands in dirty water or dealing with a clogged sink strainer. When you’re finished, any food particles left behind can once again simply be flushed away. Washing up by hand after eating can’t be any easier.

Clogs Can’t Form

“clearpipes”It always seems, no matter how much you try to stop it; food always ends up down the drain. This can be a big problem if enough big pieces get stuck inside and come together to form a clog.

Any obstruction in your plumbing can disrupt the flow of water, which increases pressure and may cause leaks. These leaks can result in water damage under your sink that slowly spreads to every cabinet and countertop. The longer a water leak continues, the more expensive it becomes to replace everything.

You can avoid this problem altogether by setting up a garbage disposal. This device slices up every bit of food you discard into pieces small enough to be flushed away. There’s no debris left to accumulate in your drain, which means it won’t clog up. It also means you won’t have to hire a plumber to perform drain cleaning or plumbing repair services.

Terrible Smells Are Gone

“cleansmell”One of the worst parts of working in a kitchen is the awful odor left behind by old and rotting food. This is often due to food particles getting caught in the drain or left in the trash bin under the sink.

It produces a stench that won’t go away until the drains are cleaned, or somebody picks up the garbage. It’s enough to put a hamper on any kitchen activity.

The great thing about functioning garbage disposals is there isn’t any bad food smell to deal with. All the bits you don’t use or eat get flushed away, so there’s no decomposing food left behind. Plus, since food waste can be so heavy, taking out the trash in your kitchen becomes easier.