Have You Heard These Established Plumbing Myths?

myth-or-factPopular plumbing myths have been circulating for years. Some are true, others false, and homeowners are often left confused. In an attempt to demystify some of the information you’ve heard, we’ve prepared the following list.

Water Heaters Can Sometimes Explode

This myth is quite true. But don’t be too alarmed just yet. Modern water heaters are built to be able to withstand high pressure and have built-in safety mechanisms that help to prevent such calamities.

The TPR valve, which stands for temperature pressure release, opens automatically when internal temperature and pressure gets too high. It’s a good idea to check it periodically to make sure it’s working correctly. We also recommend having a licensed plumbing technician inspect and maintain your water heater once a year.

There Isn’t Anything Too Bad About a Leaky Faucet

leaking-faucetWe’ve often heard customers tell us that they’ve had dripping faucets in their homes for months and even years and never thought it was a very big deal.

What they didn’t realize, is that a tap that drips once every five seconds will lose well over 400 gallons in a year. Ecologically, that is a big deal. It also results in much higher costs on your water bills.

If the water is dripping from the spout into the sink, chances are you have a worn or faulty washer that needs to be replaced. If water drips or seeps from the handles or base of the tap, the valve may be damaged and it could be necessary to replace the entire faucet.

Any Clog Can Be Removed Just With a Plunger

clogged-drainsUnfortunately, that one is not true. Tough clogs located farther away from the drain often require special tools. Most clogs happen due to an accumulation of grease and gunk inside the pipe. The sticky buildup traps hair and other solids, gradually restricting the flow of water.

For particularly difficult blockages, plumbers have a secret weapon known as hydrojetting. This process sends a stream of highly pressurized water along the pipes that effectively blasts away any clog and buildup in its path. The jet is so powerful that it is frequently used to remove tree roots that have grown into sewer lines.

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