Is It Safe To Connect Your Own Refrigerator? Yes—Here’s How


Did you ever think that you’d have to worry about whether your refrigerator had proper access to the Internet? In the 21st century, that’s a legitimate worry with some of the high-end functions on modern refrigerators. They can connect to your phone on the Internet; you can read data about your fridge operation on them, and even be notified if someone has left the door open.

But it’s not just a LAN or wifi connection you need to worry about with today’s fridges. Less feature-rich models are still simple, requiring you only to get some friends or movers to put the fridge into place, then plug it in so it can start chilling your food. But now, a fridge can also pour water, make ice cubes and even make ice cream if you’re willing to pay for it. In order to do all this, however, it needs a connection to your kitchen plumbing.

Your Water Dispenser

Water DispenserIf your fridge is capable of dispensing water, you can use it to pour yourself a cool glass when you need it, or even keep a pitcher constantly filled whenever you get thirsty. But that water comes from somewhere, meaning your fridge needs to be connected to your kitchen plumbing water pipe.

If your new fridge is replacing an older model that already had water dispensing capabilities, this is a very easy switch to make. You’ll already have a connection to your water pipe, so either use the existing flexible water pipe, or buy a new one, and make sure there’s a tight connection between the fridge and the transition connector at the pipe. You’re done!

Your Ice Dispenser

icemakerIf your fridge has an ice dispenser, this is just a fancier version of the water dispenser that’s also capable for freezing water into ice for cooler, more refreshing drinks. But what if your previous fridge had no previous water connection. What do you do now? You can still do this yourself, but it’ll take a bit of DIY know-how and a willingness to roll up your sleeves.

You’ll first need to locate the most feasible point of water access for your fridge. This might mean drilling a hole into your floor to access a nearby water pipe. If that’s not possible, you may need to look at an existing kitchen plumbing fixture like a nearby sink and use that instead. Either way, you’ll need to create a new connection that can divert water from this pipe to your new fridge.

When you know which pipe you’re going to use, shut off the water supply in your home so you can move on to the next step. You may need equipment like a propane torch, Teflon tape, and of course, a new copper transition connector. Cut the water pipe, attach the new connector, and use the Teflon tape and propane torch to solder the connector in. Once that’s done, plug the flexible water pipe into the new connector.

The Certified Alternative

professionalinstallationIf you’re living Lehi, UT and you’re not feeling confident about your DIY skills, another great choice is to let the professionals do it!

Just call up an experienced, licensed plumber and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from professionals doing a quick, expert job to ensure your new fridge doesn’t interfere with your existing kitchen plumbing.