Information About Going Green on Earth Day

Homeowners across the country have a great opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment. The premise of Earth Day is to celebrate our environment and to recognize the challenges posed by our overuse of resources such as water. In this latest post, we’d like to recognize Earth Day this coming April 22nd with more information about how you can go green in your home. Here are a few tips from our experts.

Use Tankless Water Heaterssave-water_480

We know that tankless water heaters can help homeowners conserve energy in the home while still achieving access to hot water on demand. They work by supplying you with hot water directly to your faucets.

Tankless systems are far more convenient too, as you won’t have to wait for water to heat up and won’t run out before you are ready. On demand water heating means you don’t need a water storage space in a home tank.

It also means you’re not drawing a large amount of water from the outside system for each bath or shower you take. It’s a piece of home equipment that can help you cut down your water costs considerably.

Limit Your Carbon Footprintcarbon-footprint_480

One area that has a significant impact on the local environment is our carbon footprint. The use of carbon in our daily lives and our contribution to environmental damage should be leading considerations in your home.

There are multiple steps you can take to limit your carbon footprint. For example, you might commit to walking to work rather than taking that short drive each day.

You might also commit to using solar and other renewable energy sources rather than gas or oil in the home. Each of these steps can help you to reduce your carbon footprint over the long-term.

Consider Water Filtration Options

Water filtration products are a great way to limit your reliance on bottled water, which has a significantly detrimental impact on the environment. Why not consider water filtration systems such as reverse osmosis products, which filter water and remove impurities such as metals and chemicals from the local supply?

These filtration products can help you to safeguard your family against dangerous elements while ensuring you’re protecting local supplies.
Our team is here to guide you as you consider how to go green this Earth Day.

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