Did You Know That There are a Few Things That you can do to Save on Your Water Bill?

Save Money

When trying to keep your homeowner costs under control it is a smart move to find way to reduce your bills. The best way to get that done here in Lehi, UT is to focus on your water bills. To bring your water use down and your water bill down, it is smart to have a strategy.

Here are a few things that you can do to bring your bills down.

Go to the Carwash

Car WashDIY is generally a great way to save money, but not when it comes to washing your car. You actually waste a whole lot of water when you let it run like that. Not only are you wasting money, you are harming the environment.

The soap and chemicals that you use to wash your car run down your driveway into the storm sewer and straight back into your local natural bodies of water. Help the planet and help your wallet by visiting the car wash.

Greywater for Your Plants

Water PlantsGreywater is water that has already been used for washing or cooking. You can safely use this water on your plants to keep them vibrant.

Collect your water after washing the dishes or harvest some from your washing machine. Don’t store greywater for too long. To make sure that your plants are not harmed, use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Fix Plumbing Leaks Promptly

Water LeakIf you are really serious about saving money, fix any plumbing leaks immediately upon discovery. The EPA estimates that you can cut about 10 percent off of your water bills simply by eliminating plumbing leaks from your home.

Watch for water damage, pooling water, rust, damp spots, mold growth and low water pressure. Inspect your home every month for signs of trouble.

No More Baths

ShowerAfter a long work day, it can be a real treat to retire into a warm bath.

However, your relaxation will quickly disappear when you realize how much more it costs for you to run that bath than have a shower.

Taking a shower uses a third of the water that it does to fill your tub. If you must fill your tub, don’t fill it all the way full.

Some other ways are to turn your faucet off when brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Defrost your food in a basin rather than running the water. Put in eco-friendly plumbing fixtures.