National Diabetes Awareness Month: The Need for More Education

World DiabetesMany people may think of diabetes as a simple disease that means you have to prick your finger now and then and eat some candy when you feel dizzy. But this disease, which affects nearly 30 million Americans, is very serious and can lead to dangerous health complications.

And that’s why National Diabetes Awareness Month aims to educate Americans about diabetes, including what it is, how it’s managed, the consequences of not treating it, and how to live a happy and healthy life when you have it.

The Ongoing Need for World Diabetes Day

As of 2012, it was estimated that over eight million Americans were living with undiagnosed diabetes, and 86 million had prediabetes (abnormally high blood sugar levels that aren’t quite high enough for a diabetes diagnosis). And when these issues go untreated, prediabetes can quickly become full-blown diabetes, and diabetes can result in serious and potentially deadly health problems.

To help raise awareness about the importance of screening and diagnosis, World Diabetes Day will take place on November 14, and National Diabetes Awareness Month will be ongoing throughout the entire month of November.

Spreading Knowledge About Possible Complications

This year’s World Diabetes Day theme is diabetes screening and early detection. This, in conjunction with proper treatment and managing blood sugar levels, can help prevent the complications associated with diabetes, which include heart, kidney, and eye disease, blindness, and amputations.

And to ensure that your diabetes is being properly managed, you should go for regular medical checkups and talk to your doctor about any changes to your health as soon as they occur.

Teaching People How to Cope

healthy-dietTreating diabetes does require some changes to your lifestyle and diet, but overall the disease is quite manageable. One of the aims of National Diabetes Awareness Month is to teach the importance of managing the disease with lifestyle and habit changes, which include:

  • Taking medication as directed
  • Adopting a healthy diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Controlling and monitoring blood sugar

Since diabetes is a disease that affects blood sugar, managing levels is one of the most important aspects of treatment, and diet, exercise, and medication are all designed to do this. Knowing your blood sugar targets is vital when it comes to monitoring your levels, as is knowing what to do if you’re suffering from high or low blood sugar at any given time.

In general, you should always be under 180, and right before a meal, you should be between 80 and 130. Moreover, if you’re a smoker and have been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s more important now than ever to consider quitting.

Showing People Where to Get Support

Support is essential for people with diabetes, because having others around to help you with medications, diet, monitoring, and encouragement could very well save your life. Along with diabetes support groups and help from your medical practitioners, you can also find help from friends, family, and fellow diabetes sufferers. They can help you with making sure you take your medication on time, eat properly, and exercise regularly.

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