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Is your bathroom in need of a serious overhaul? Are old, outdated fixtures and appliances getting you down? Connect All Plumbing, LLC in Lehi, UT has the tools and experience to help turn your bathroom around. By installing new fixtures and replacing old components with new, modern ones you can enjoy a true bathroom oasis while also adding value to your home. Find out what your neighbors and friends are saying about our services. Read the latest reviews and feedback from our customers.

Start With the Pipes

Any good renovation job will start from the ground up. Repiping your bathroom is an integral step to ensure the success of your renovation. By installing stronger pipes that are designed to meet the needs of newer, modern fixtures and components, you are guaranteed to experience efficiency and receive the full experience when it comes to your new bathroom.

Why Invest in New Fixtures, Sinks and Tubs?

During a bathroom renovation, we always recommend that our clients install new fixtures. In some cases, the main reason for this is aesthetic, making sure the fixtures match the look of the new bathroom. However, there are some practical reasons to install new fixtures and sinks. If your faucet is constantly leaking or dripping, you are wasting a lot of water over time. Dripping or leaking fixtures will also cause mold and mildew damage to your sink and vanity. A cracked or leaking tub or shower will also begin to grow mold and cause structural damage in your bathroom. In these cases, it’s better to replace the entire thing as new faucets and fixtures are designed to be more efficient, waste less water and last longer than older models.

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Benefits of a Dual Flush Toilet

It’s also recommended to consider replacing your toilet. Older models use a lot more water than newer models and are less efficient and more likely to become clogged or break. If your current toilet is showing signs of wear and tear such as cracked porcelain or constant clogs or leaks, it may be time to consider a more efficient, environmentally friendly dual flush toilet.

Other Reasons to Choose Us

In addition to providing detail-oriented, comprehensive renovation services, we are also committed to giving our customers a hassle-free experience:

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