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Out of all the plumbing emergencies, a gas line leak is among the most serious. Natural gas is a colorless, odorless fume that is toxic and highly combustible. It is also a very efficient fuel for powering many appliances and plumbing components. If you need assistance with your gas lines or BBQ and range fittings, trust the experts at Connect All Plumbing, LLC. We can safely and efficiently repair or install a new pipeline to ensure your systems are working safely.

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Signs of a Gas Line Leak

The gas lines in your home could become damaged and leak due to many different reasons. Damage from construction, digging or exposure to an extreme weather event are all examples of issues that may cause a leak. Some of the most common signs of a gas line leak include: Smell of rotten eggs: Gas companies use an additive in gasoline to make it smell bad and therefore easier to detect. The smell resembles sulfur or rotten eggs. Hissing sound: If there is a tear in the line, you will hear a hissing sound as the gas escapes. Dead grass: A leak in the line underground will cause the grass and vegetation around the line to die or turn brown. If you notice any of these signs, call an expert right away to assess the situation.

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Common Gas Line Problems

Some of the most common problems we see with gas lines:

  • Deteriorating joints or connectors.
  • Cracked seals from drying out.
  • Incorrectly sized fixtures and fittings.

Any number of these problems may cause issues with your gas appliances or other problems within the line. Keep your family protected and seek the help of a professional if you are worried about the integrity or safety of your gas line.

Reasons to Install a New Line

Many homeowners opt to install a new gas line before noticing a problem. Some reasons to install a new line:

  • Constructing a new addition to your home.
  • Installing new gas appliances.
  • Switching from oil appliances to gas appliances.
  • Need to replace old, deteriorating pipelines before they become a problem.

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