Complete Lehi Tankless Water Heater Services

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Tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity among homeowners in Lehi, UT. These efficient and easy-to-use systems have many benefits and advantages for different lifestyles. At Connect All Plumbing, LLC we specialize in the installation and repair of tankless water heaters. Find out what your friends and neighbors think of us – read their latest reviews and feedback!

How Do These Units Work?

Tankless or on demand water heaters work by connecting directly to your plumbing system. Unlike traditional water heaters that require a tank to heat the water, on demand units heat the water as it’s being requested from your taps. When the hot water is turned on, the water heater will power up a series of high-efficiency heating elements to heat the water as it passes by. When the hot water is turned off, the system will switch back into standby mode.

What are the Benefits?


There are numerous benefits to having an efficiently working tankless water heater.

Don't let the cold get to you and trust our expert tankless water heater repair and installation services


Since the unit only turns on when hot water is being requested, and it only heats the water that is being used, you will notice savings on your energy bill. Less energy is being used to heat the water, and you won’t waste energy heating and reheating a tank full of water.


Homes with limited space or a small basement or crawlspace will appreciate the space-saving aspect of these units. The unit connects directly to your plumbing system, eliminating the need for a bulky water tank.

Unlimited hot water:

If you have ever run out of hot water during the middle of a shower, you will appreciate the fact that a tankless water heater means unlimited access to the hot water you need. Without a tank to fill up, customers will not have to ration their hot water for the day.

How Long Do These Units Last?

Traditional water heaters last about 10 years in the home before beginning to lose efficiency and require more repairs. A tankless water heater has less equipment and requires less maintenance, allowing it to last about 5 years longer than traditional units.


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