Professional Water Softener System Services for Lehi Residents

Hard water can have a devastating effect on your home. Prevent damage and remove hard water from your home with trusted water softener installation and repair by Connect All Plumbing, LLC. Call (800) 906-8347 to schedule an appointment today. Enjoy savings on your next plumbing project with our exclusive online deals and coupons.

Are you noticing the negative effects of hard water in your home? If hard water is a problem in your household, talk to the experts at Connect All Plumbing, LLC about our professional water softener system services. A water softener will solve all of your hard water issues in Lehi, UT.

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How Do Water Softeners Work?

A water softener is a type of water filtration device that removes harsh, unwanted minerals from your water. In rural areas, minerals such as magnesium and calcium are often present in the water. These minerals cause damage to your home and have an impact on your water. Water softeners use a separate tank filled with salt to remove the unwanted minerals. As the water passes through the salt tank, sodium ions attach to the minerals and neutralize them, leaving you with clean, fresh, and safe water for everyday use.

Why is Hard Water Damaging?

Hard water is not necessarily dangerous, but it can be an inconvenience when you attempt to complete everyday chores. It can affect the efficiency of your plumbing system and make it difficult to wash the dishes or do the laundry.

Make sure your water is in optimal condition with our expert water softener system repair and installation services

Scale Buildup:
Dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals can build up on your plumbing pipes and appliances over time, leading to scaling. With enough time, scaling will cause your pipes and appliances to malfunction or break down sooner than expected.

Difficulty washing:
In addition to leaving scale on your appliances, hard water also makes it more difficult for soap to lather, in turn making it harder to clean your dishes or clothes. Hard water also leaves behind a grimy film on surfaces that is extremely difficult to remove.

Skin or hair irritation:
Hard water can also affect your skin and hair after showering. You may notice your skin feeling itchy after a shower or bath, or your hair may seem dry and brittle. Installing a new water softener can help you avoid these irritations.

Signs You Need a Water Softener

If you experience any of the following, you may benefit from a water softener:

  • Foul-smelling or tasting water
  • Scales on your pipes, fixtures, and appliances
  • Difficulty lathering soap
  • Stains or spots on glassware even after washing
  • Yellow or brown stains on your clothes after laundry

Why Choose Us?

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