Need a Great Plumber Eagle Mountain? Connect All Plumbing is Here!

Have you had some bad experiences with plumbers? We hear this quite frequently from customers. Customers will call us because they had another company they called, and they didn’t show up on time. They may have also had skyrocketing prices from the company that seemed outrageous. Does it really take $1,000 to fix a leak in your home? I guess if there’s a really big, hidden issue, but most times, not really. You also have companies that are dysfunctional and won’t even show up for the scheduled appointment!

How can you operate a great plumber Eagle Mountain company if you can’t even show up for your own appointments!? This is why Connect All Plumbing eliminates the BS and brings you the service you deserve. You called a plumbing company to get your pipes fixed and make sure you don’t get a disastrous leak in your home. That’s what our company provides, plain and simple. Any connections set up in your home, we take care of all of it! It’s as simple as calling us or filling out a form to set up a time to work today.

We proudly serve plumbing services to Lehi, UT and its surrounding areas

Why Connect All Plumbing Stands Out as a Plumber Eagle Mountain

We know you could’ve Googled and reached out to other plumbing companies in the area. Why in the world should you work with our company? Here’s why…

Upfront Pricing

You don’t want the sticker shock of finding out that your plumber Eagle Mountain will charge you $800 on your service call AFTER he’s already done the work. That’s just ridiculous. What we do is we provide you an overall assessment of your property. We’ll make sure you’re fully aware of all the issues and problems that your home is facing. Then, we’ll provide you with options that are understanding and flexible to your budget.

We’re a “No Surprise Pricing” company. Does this mean that we’ll “ballpark” a price for you on the phone? Absolutely not. This is where the sticker shock comes from! If we told you on the phone that it would cost about $300 to fix your problem, we would have no confidence in this answer. That’s because there could be several reasons why something is a problem with your plumbing. Only after doing our assessment of the property will we give you a price that’s actually accurate.

Great Communication and Detail

When you hire any company to do work, let alone a plumber Eagle Mountain, don’t you want good communication of expectations? How long the job will take, what it actually costs and details on why the work is necessary is critical to your trust and understanding with the company. So if a company doesn’t walk you through the details of the job, set the expectations for the work and actually back it up, doesn’t that concern you at all?

It’s certainly concerning for us. That’s why you’ll enjoy the experience we provide in our overall customer service. We provide specific, scheduled deadlines for work. We actually communicate with you on a regular basis throughout the work and won’t leave you dry on the details.

A Proven System and Process for Success

All of this is backed by a proven system and method of work. Since we’ve been in the business as plumber Eagle Mountain professionals for a couple decades, we know how to do great work and how to do poor work. We’ve set up checklists, systems and procedures to ensure that all team members are held accountable for their tasks. All our plumbers are compensated based on following all with the proven system.

Because of this, it shouldn’t be a surprise for you to find tons of great reviews on Google. If you just search for our company, “Connect All Plumbing”, you’d find (at the time of this article) over 80, 5-star reviews about our work! We stand out amongst the pack in the area and that’s all based upon the documented processes we love!

A Family Owned and Operated Plumber Eagle Mountain Business

Last and certainly not least, we’re a family owned and operated business. While there’s plenty of local businesses that are this way, customers still seem to appreciate this fact on some level. What it does, at the very least, is let you know that we’re not some big box store that doesn’t have any unique character or consideration from the business owner. Have the heart to serve the people you live with in your local area genuinely makes a difference!

So if all these fun details excite you about our company and you’re thrilled to finally have a trusted contractor in your community to lean on, then schedule a time with Connect All Plumbing today! It’s as simple as a phone call or a filled out form on our website today.