Water Leak Detection Tips for Homeowners

You take out insurance on your home because you want to protect it from damage, right?

Why not use the same approach in conducting preventative maintenance? Or at the very least diminish its impact?

You can reduce or remove the risk of water damage to your home by following a few simple steps. Here is what you need to know.

Tips on Water Leak Prevention

The best way to reduce water damage is to stop it from happening at all. Do you have older pipes?

Make it a habit to get them inspected and cleaned regularly. If you’ve had problems with corrosion, you may want to upgrade your pipes to a different material, like PVC.

Inspect your water heater for rust or pooling water. Make sure that valves are working well and set properly.

Drain your tank down to about a third every few months to rid of the sediment.

As water will most commonly gather in the basement in the event of a leak, don’t keep storage items right on the floor. Install shelves that are at least a few inches off the ground.

Spot the Leak Effectively

You may realize that you have a leak if you see a trickle of water flowing from a pipe or showerhead, or see pooling water somewhere inside or outside of your home.

But what if you’ve got a hidden leak, impacting the piping in your walls or your home’s foundation or concrete slab that it sits on?

Look for signs like wet, hot or cold spots to the touch on the walls, ceiling, or floors.ceiling-leak

Underneath your feet, do you hear water running even though the faucets are turned off?

Additionally, have you seen your water bills go up without explanation?

What about low water pressure?

Is there a musty odor in your home?

It sounds like you’ve got a leak.

Know What Water Damage Can Do

Don’t underestimate what water damage can do to your home and your belongings. When water contacts wood, drywall or other material, it warps it.

It can cause rot and decay, which means that structural components that you rely on for your home to be safe can be compromised. These are costly items to fix.

There are also health risks that come with a water leak.mold

Water damage can create mold growth.

Mold is one of the more serious byproducts of a leak, and is dangerous to your health.

It’s messy and hard to clean up.

It also extensively decreases the quality of air in your home.