What Questions Are Plumbers Subjected To?

Plumbers always receive a lot of questions from their customers, and this is because no one wants to have to call out a plumber every time a plumbing problem occurs, so knowledge is power.

Those who ask plumbing questions are only trying to grasp why the plumbing problem occurred that they are currently having and how to avoid it again in the future.

Questions-raised-by-Customers-about-Your-HVAC-SystemSome may even have plumbing questions that may pertain to moving into a new home, which is something most people should ask but don’t. Here is a rundown of some plumbing issues that are often asked:

FAQ Answered

1. Why is the Water Coming from the Faucet Discolored?

1. Discolored water coming from the faucet is not only a great concern but also a potential health hazard. No matter what is causing the discolored water, it’s possible for the water to be toxic and harmful for you or anyone in the home to drink. Many times, discolored water is the result of something getting into the water itself, which may be because of the pipes or even the water heater.

In some cases, the water in your pipes was contaminated at its source, and this may happen because the city has done work on the pipes outside of your home. There will usually be a water advisory that tells you to boil the water, especially if the city knows that the water will come out discolored.

If no advisory has been sent out to the discolored water, then it’s likely that the problem lies within the home. The water heater should be examined because a rusty water heater can allow the water inside of it to turn brown and come out when the hot water is turned on. The water should also be tested, just in case there are other problems, and a plumber can test the water as well as help to remedy the reason why the water is discolored.

2. When Does a Toilet Need to be Replaced?

2. Toilets can last for years, and some homes have had toilets for decades, but it all depends on how often the toilet is used and how long the plumbing holds up around the toilet.

If a toilet has so much use that it cracks or breaks after many years, then replacement of the toilet is inevitable and needs to be done immediately. Toilets can also be replaced even if it’s not damaged but only because the homeowners wants a toilet that is more advanced and updated.

3. How Long Should a Water Heater Work?

Leak-Detection-Services 1.22.08 PM3. Water heaters were made to last at least ten years, but the most current water heaters that are out today can last up to 12 years and possibly even longer. The amount of usage that a water heater gets will determine if it will last the full decade or longer, and the treatment of the heater will determine how long it will last as well.

If a water heater is maintained every year, then it’s likely the last for a longer time than a water heater that goes years without maintenance until something is wrong with it.

4. What is the Smell Coming From the Base of the Bathroom?

4. Those who have a smell coming from the base of their toilet may have a toilet that is not secured, which means that it’s a sewage smell coming from underneath the toilet. The smell can be unbearable, especially if it’s constant. Tightening the toilet to the floor should be able to get rid of the smell, but if the smell is still not rectified, then the plumber may need to remove the toilet to see if other problems are lingering underneath it.

5. Why Isn’t the Garbage Disposal Working?

5. Garbage disposals are easy enough to use, but when they break, they can be a real issue. A garbage disposal can stop working for a lot of reasons. If the disposal unit has been overused, it’s possible that it chipped out, which may be its way of saving itself from damage.

Make sure the power is on to the unit before determining if the unit is indeed broken. A clogged up disposal unit or one that has damaged blades may not work correctly, so it may be necessary to have the unit pulled apart and examined. Also, explore the possibility that the unit is old and needs a replacement.

6. Is a Plumbing Inspection Necessary When Buying a Home?

6. No plumbing inspection is necessary if you’re buying a home, but the inspection is something you’ll want to get to make sure your new home has no plumbing problems. Many people have moved into a home with plumbing problems so severe that they wished they never purchased the home because of the high cost to fix the plumbing.

Having a plumbing inspection beforehand will alert you to any plumbing concerns, and the problems can either be fixed or left alone if you choose not to purchase the home.

Leak-Detection-Services-231x3007. Why Does Each Plumbing Company Charge a Different Price?

7. Many complain about the prices that plumbing companies charge, but no two companies will be the same, and there may be a basis for every business’s charges. It’s best to talk directly with the plumbing company to get their prices, and shop around for the best prices for the services you need.

When It’s Time To Get A Plumber

When a plumber is needed, it’s wise to get a plumber that knows exactly what to do and a plumber that is certified to fix the problem that you are having. Although you are free to fix plumbing problems on your own, the work will be performed faster if a plumber does the work for you.

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