World Water Day is Here on March 22nd

world-waterDid you know that World Water Day is on March 22? In 1993, the UN General Assembly declared that we would celebrate World Water Day annually in March in order to raise awareness for the water crisis gripping our world.

It’s estimated that today there are over 663 million people who do not have access to clean water near their homes. Continue reading to find out more about World Water Day and what you can do to help:

We are Living in a Water Crisis

With over 663 million people living without access to clean water, it’s clear that something needs to be done. This crisis contributes to numerous issues throughout the world. In affected areas, it’s common to see individuals take on tiresome journeys or wait in long lines to receive clean water for use in their home.

When we think about water in the United States, it’s pretty much a given that when we turn on our taps, we get water for our bathing, drinking, cooking, cleaning, and more. But for many people, this is just a dream.

Wastewater: The Theme for 2017

wasting-waterEach year, World Water Day focuses on a theme designed to help accomplish some of the goals set out by UN-Water. This year, the theme is wastewater. On a global scale, wastewater is not handled as effectively as it could be.

For instance, wastewater from our homes and cities often flows back into the environment without proper treatment. This leads to more waste and pollution, which only fuels the crisis, even more.

The key to reducing wastewater lies in developing better treatment options and conserving water in the first place. The goal this year is to halve wastewater in the world by reusing it for things such as irrigation systems and cooling units. By doing this, the water cycle will be improved and we will be one small step closer to a solution to the world water crisis.

How Can You Help?

water-dropWith such grand goals and large-scale aspirations, it’s easy to feel like your contributions don’t matter. But if we all took a few simple steps in our homes, we could make a huge difference in the world and help ensure that our fellow world citizens have access to water when they need it.

Some small things you can do in your home include installing a new water-conserving toilet, turning off the taps between brushing your teeth and washing your hands and collecting rainwater outside to water your plants and garden.

Other steps you can take include making sure your pipes are not leaking and that all leaks are repaired in a timely fashion. Using a grey water reuse system is also a good idea if your community allows it.

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