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Connect All Plumbing has served the Salt Lake City region since 2004. For all that time, Kurt Larson has led the team to perform large-scale, remodel jobs and simple emergency service work. It’s a family-run business where no matter how big the company gets, they’ll always prioritize small business, family values.

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A Plumber Eagle Mountain That Connects All the Dots

Getting a qualified plumber Eagle Mountain technician to visit your property helps out a lot. For one thing, you don’t have to question their methods. If they are qualified for the job and have credible validation to prove their worth, then you can simply leave it up to the professionals. You’ll have the confidence to understand that they’ll do a great job for you every single time. They’ll give you helpful feedback to know what’s happening with your plumbing systems. From water heaters to sewer lines to sump pumps, a knowledgeable technician is really a game-changer.

The problem is, there are a lot of less than impressive plumbing technicians out there. There are a lot of plumbing companies! Does this mean that all these plumbing companies provide skilled expertise and courteous customer service? Is every restaurant the same in its quality? Or every law office? Or every marketing firm? In each industry, there are only a few companies in each market that truly excel past the rest of the competition. These companies may not be the biggest or the baddest, but the truly valuable companies will clearly illustrate from the first impression that their standards go further than most.

This is what you’ll find with Connect All Plumbing’s plumber Eagle Mountain team. They have vetted out the team members and cross-examined their credentials. The management has validated who the ideal plumbers are for their team and continually train them up for excellence. They track the progress and status of jobs continually so you know that the work will actually be great. They’ll be able to properly investigate the status of your plumbing systems and communicate what needs to be fixed up.

It’s quite simple to work with Connect All Plumbing! Just connect with them on the phone number to the top right side of the website or fill out a form on our contact page.


Home of the $50 Deal

If you haven’t ever worked with a plumber Eagle Mountain from Connect All Plumbing, we’ve got a great deal for you. For your first service call with us, we’ll only charge you $50 to do our assessment and inspection of your property. That’s it! This is a fraction of the cost most of the other plumbing companies will charge. Especially in a market like Salt Lake City, you’ll find plumbing companies charging as much as $150 for their service calls. It’ll be even more if it’s an emergency call too!

With Connect All Plumbing though, you can work in confidence that our deal will stay true for your 1st service call. We want to make sure that you trust our company to be the organization you always turn to for plumbing work. This is why we offer this deal and that’s why many of our customers have thoroughly enjoyed working with us for several years now.


Financing Available

We know that hiring a plumber Eagle Mountain and other service contractors can take a big toll on you. Not only with your time but also with your hard-earned money! This is again why if you haven’t worked with us before, we offer a $50 deal for the first service call. On top of that though, you may find out that issues in your home could really cost a fortune. With people buying and selling the same properties for decades upon decades, it’s inevitable that piping, faucets, and other plumbing systems will wear out over time.

This is why Connect All Plumbing will provide great financing options for you! Through Hearth Financing, our company can work with you on credit scoring and work with your available budget to figure out a solution that works the best for you. Because above all, we just want your plumbing to actually work well and last a long time. So if you need to do some financing to ensure that you can actually pay off the services for a well-functioning plumbing system, then we’ll be the guides to get you there.


$500 Off Tankless Water Heaters

We also love to install tankless water heaters for homeowners. This has been a recent technology over the last decade and we find it’s a great enhancement to people’s properties. If you decide to work with one of our plumber Eagle Mountain technicians on installing a great tankless water heater, we’ll likely be able to take off as much as $500 on the purchase! Don’t you just love it when a company can just keep piling on the deals for you!?


Plumber Eagle Mountain Service Agreements

For our most loyal customers, we also want to offer packaged deals that can enhance the relationship not only for our company’s bottom line but also for the well-being of your home. We offer service agreements to all customers who absolutely enjoyed working with our company.

Our Gold Package is an annual, $149 deal that provides the standard details for a service agreement. Through this deal, you receive an annual inspection of your plumbing system totally on us. You also receive one flush of your water heater system annually as well! If you have additional work for our team to execute, we don’t provide any overtime charges for our services. So even if the job takes 10 hours to complete because of complications, those 4 additional hours won’t be added to your bill. You also get water pressure testing, priority scheduling and any repairs we do for your home are at 10% less cost than those who don’t have our service agreement.

Our Platinum Package offers an even more exclusive deal from our plumber Eagle Mountain crew. For just $249/year, you receive two inspections, a 15% discount on all services, and overall water heater maintenance. You also receive all the benefits provided by the Gold Package. By doing these maintenance agreements, you should be able to know that your plumbing systems will last 2x what they typically last. This is true for just about any customer who buys into service agreements with contractors.

So to enjoy our service agreements or anything we have to offer, it’s time for you to sit back, relax and call Connect All Plumbing!